112 Awards Ceremony 2009

112 Awards Ceremony 2009














The 3rd 112 Awards Ceremony was held on 10 February 2009, eve of the 2nd European 112 Day (11/2) on 11 February 2009 in Brussels with the presence of several high-level politicians. During a dinner, the 112 Awards Ceremony intended to recognize and congratulate individuals and organizations which had shown evidence of extraordinary behaviour and/or results and/or achievements in the topics detailed below.

112 Awards were delivered to individuals and organizations for:

Outstanding Citizen Award, Ute and Siegfried Steiger, Germany

Outstanding 112 First Responder & First Aid, Joan M. Hansen & M. Andersen & M. Knudsen, Falck, Denmark

Outstanding 112 Call Centre, 112 Madrid, Spain

Outstanding National initiative on 112, Fire and Rescue Service, Czech Republic

Outstanding Emergency Service Initiative, 112 Murcia, Spain

Outstanding Accessible 112 Initiative, Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, Slovenia

Outstanding in-vehicle emergency calling initiative (eCall), ADAC, Germany

Outstanding Contribution to Public Warning, Ministry of Interior, The Netherlands

Outstanding Education on 112, Special Telecommunications Service, Romania

Outstanding Vision for 112, Hannes Tschofenig, IETF-ECRIT

Outstanding Political Initiative, Ms. Vergnaud & Mr. Busoi, Members of the European Parliament


Confirmation of politicians'participation received:

Olivier Chastel, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Belgium
Gérard Onesta, Vice-President of the European Parliament
Bernadette Vergnaud, Member of the European Parliament
Kader Arif, Member of the European Parliament
Margie Sudre, Member of the European Parliament
Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Member of the European Parliament
Dushana Zdravkova, Member of the European Parliament
Michael Cramer, Member of the European Parliament
Adina-Iona Valean, Member of the European Parliament
Carlos Coelho, Member of the European Parliament
Cristian Silviu Busoi, Member of the European Parliament
Christel Schaldemose, Member of the European Parliament
Cristina Gutierrez-Cortines, Member of the European Parliament
Marc Tarabella, Minister of Formation, Walloon Region, Belgium
Ramón Luis Valcárcel Siso, President of Murcia Region and President of the Euromediterranean Regions, Spain
Francisco José Granados Lerena, Chief Advisor to the President of the Community of Madrid, Spain
Mounia Mejbar, Brussels Municipal councillor, Belgium

Confirmation of emergency service representatives'participation received (country):

Romania, Spain (Madrid & Murcia), Czech Republic, Lithuania, Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia,Denmark, Germany, Greece, Sweden

Event dates:
10 February 2009

Palais d'Egmont