EENA Members workshop and Meet Your MEP

EENA Members workshop and Meet Your MEP


After a successful EENA Members' workshop and Meet Your MEP event in 2015, EENA is pleased to announce the preparation of a second edition in 2017!


When? 16-18 October 2017

Where? Brussels

The workshop venue will be confirmed soon.



What is the aim of these events?

EENA Members' workshop

The event aims at fostering the sharing of experience, best practices and ideas in the emergency services field. The participants will work in small groups with the objective to produce technical, operational and legal requirements. The event will also provide the attendees an opportunity to discuss regulatory and policy issues.


Meet your MEP event


The event is a unique occasion for EENA Members to conclude on the debate of the previous days and submit the recommendations of the workshop to the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) of their home country. This will be done through discussion tables in order to improve the quality of emergency services in the European Union.


Who can attend?
These events will welcome about 100 EENA members composed of representatives operating in emergency services, ministries, national regulatory authorities, universities and research institutes, solution provider companies and including politicians at European level.


Why a second edition?

  • Recent tragic events in Europe brought new challenges for emergency services
  • Too few existing platforms to exchange best practices, ideas on how to improve citizens’ safety in Europe and discussed regulatory and policy issues
  • Ensuring a follow-up on the actions undertaken by EENA after 1st event and on the next steps to be achieved
  • Keep on submitting recommendations to MEPs about improving citizens’ safety

Outcomes of the 1st edition

Read all about the details and outcomes of the workshops, the 'Meet your MEP' event in 2015 and much more in the events' report.

* Updated report in February 2016 with status of actions agreed by EENA Members is available here.

Event dates:
16-18 October 2017

European Parliament
rue Wiertz; 60
1047 Brussels


Events Coordinator