European 112 Day 2017

Let's raise awareness all together!

European 112 Day 2017




On 11 February, Europe celebrates the European 112 Day, a day established in 2009 and dedicated to raising awareness of the European emergency number 112. Member States all over Europe organise communication activities and other events to promote the European Emergency number 112 to their citizens and help spread the message of 112.

Alarmingly, less than half of the European citizens are familiar with 112 and would dial it spontaneously in case of an emergency. The European 112 Day is then the perfect opportunity to inform citizens when to call 112 and what to do in case of an emergency situation.





“How to use social media in emergencies”

Europe experienced many emergencies in the last months. Some were natural, others man-made, but what they all demonstrated is:

  1. The need to focus on the safety of Europeans and visitors: It is more important than ever to do what we can for the safety of European citizens and visitors. To that end, raising awareness of the European emergency number 112 is crucial!
  2. The importance of social media: Social media have proven to be a helpful tool in the hands of both citizens and authorities but only when used correctly. Also, social media allow authorities to get in touch directly with citizens quickly and easily.


Infographic: "How to use social media in emergencies" - PDF file / InDesign file

Other 112 promotional material - Available here

You can use this material free of charge for the purposes of this campaign. Please note that you are allowed to edit the material upon notifying the EENA, by sending an email to Petros Kremonas at


Together, we can make a difference!


In the context of the European 112 Day 2017, EENA is organising an event on "112 & the European Electronic Communications Code" to discuss the provisions linked to access to emergency services in the latest European Commission's telecommunications proposal. Learn more.


Event dates:
11 February 2017

1000 Brussels