REACH112 Final Conference

REACH112 Final Conference

REACH112 - REsponding to All Citizens needing Help - is a EU funded project aiming to implement an accessible alternative to traditional voice telephony that will be suitable for all. While people with disabilities find it hard to communicate with the existing solutions, REACH112 will provide modes of communication so that they will find a way to communicate in each situation, may it be with a live real-time text conversation, with sign language, with lip reading, with voice or with any simultaneous combination of these modes described by the concept of Total Conversation. The service will be of benefit for all.

The final conference presented the outcomes and impact of the REACH112 project ( so that countries and agencies can deploy REACH112 type of services.

Video, presentations and pictures

Event dates:
28-29 June 2012

Escola Galega de Administracion Publica (EGAP)

Santiago de Compostela