Roundtable on 112 in Bulgaria

Roundtable on 112 in Bulgaria

During last two years Mrs. Zdravkova initiated discussion about the quality of 112 emergency communications services with strong involvement of the civil society. There were many meetings and questions to the Commissioner Reding that encouraged larger cooperation between institutions in Bulgaria and with EC. Regional dimension, especially in SEE was highlighted in the context of diversity of the countries around Bulgaria. Key focus was on the role of civil society in improving the quality of service and using public monitoring as a tool for not only higher quality of the service, but public education. The round table is organized after official start of the 112 service over the whole territory of the country / approval of 112 law and when penalty procedure of the EC was closed - so it is positive environment to emphasize success of institutions and the role of public education for better use of the system by citizens.

Objective of the seminar:

• Provide Bulgarian civil society and emergency authorities with a roadmap on how to best tackle the problems and challenges related to the implementation and functioning of the European emergency number 112 in Bulgaria, cooperating with local authorities.
• Share experience and best practices with European and international experts in emergency and non-emergency communications, including the role of civil society organizations.
• Facilitate regional for SEE cooperation (in DPPI context) in emergency communications and empower civil society in shaping the future of the 112 quality of service
• Enable Bulgarian stakeholders to meet and speak up their position with focus on public education and possible civic initiatives.

The debate will allow Bulgarian stakeholders to discuss some issues with benefiting from best practices from Europe and international experience. Updates on regulatory and framework and existing technological solutions will be presented. The participation of politicians will also enable collaboration for future initiatives. We believe that the roundtable will pave the way to further actions promoting the 112 and the tools for its efficient use, supported by civil society and local authorities.



Event dates:
6 March 2009