Roundtable on 112 in Poland

Roundtable on 112 in Poland

Mr. Saryusz-Wolski, Member of the European Parliament concerned by the European emergency number 112 decided to engage in a Europe-wide campaign to raise awareness of the European Parliament and European citizens.

He participated to the Press Conference during the First European 112 Day on 11 February 2008. "The 112 emergency number represents to me the essence of the idea of the European Union - full integration and unity. Every single citizen can dial this number in case of emergency in every single EU member state and receive assistance. In my home town, for example, just recently a 4 year old boy has saved his mother's life by dialling this number. I am very proud that thanks to this initiative the EU can serve its citizens better and make us all feel equally well protected both at home and abroad." He also handed the award to the Lodz Emergency Services and Krystian Drozdek who saved his mother by dialling 112 during the 112 Awards Ceremony in June 2008.

Objective of the seminar:
• Provide Polish emergency authorities with a roadmap on how to best tackle the problems and challenges related to the implementation and functioning of the European emergency number 112 in Poland
• Share experience and best practices with European and international experts.
• Enable Polish stakeholders to meet and speak up their position.

The debate will allow Polish stakeholders to discuss some issues with benefiting from best practices from Europe and international experience. Updates on regulatory and framework and existing technological solutions will be presented. The participation of politicians will also enable collaboration for future initiatives. We believe that the roundtable will pave the way to further actions promoting the 112 and the tools for its efficient use.

Event dates:
3 November 2008