Roundtable on 112 in Romania

Roundtable on 112 in Romania














Mrs Adina Valean, MEP for Romania, concerned by the 112 emergency number problematic, decided to engage in a Europe-wide campaign to raise awareness of the European Parliament and European citizens. This started with the 112 petition and its press conference at the European Parliament, then with the written declaration for an efficient 112, her participation to the European Security and Safety Summit held in June 2007 in Brussels and her parliamentary activity. She is also the EENA "112  National Champion for Romania" and decided to organise a seminar in Bucharest in view of gathering Romanian stakeholders involved in emergency services together with European and world experts.

Objective of the seminar:

  • Provide Romanian emergency authorities with a roadmap on how to best tackle the problems and challenges related to the implementation and functioning of the single European number, 112, in Romania
  • To benefiting from expertise and best practices from European and international experts.
  • Allow all Romanian stakeholders to meet each other, to speak up their position and to engage a real dialogue.

The debate allowed Romanian stakeholders to focus on the problems, benefit from best practices from Europe and around the world, and be aware of existing technological solutions and funding opportunities at European level.

Event dates:
5-6 February 2008