Belgium launches public warning system to alert population in case of crisis

be-alert is now a reality. An example for others to follow?

CrisisCentre Belgium has launched BE-alert, a multi-channel public warning mechanism to alert the population in case of a crisis.

How does it work?

Based on your address:

  • Be informed in case of an emergency close to your home address, office, and so on, even if you are not there;
  • Receive an SMS, automated voice call or e-mail;
  • Register to the service at

Based on you being in a specific area:

  • Be informed in case of a large-scale disaster affecting an area where you are located;
  • SMS is sent to all mobile phones located in the affected area;
  • No registration required.


EENA congratulates Belgium and CrisisCentre for this great achievement.


More information

Together with these 2 levels of alerts, the system uses TV, social media and other channels of communication with citizens. For more information in French, Dutch or German, please visit the BE-alert website.