2016 Leadership Awards - AML in the spotlight

Services Award to Android: Raw GNSS Data Available

The GPS World 2016 Leadership Awards were presented during a special ceremony and dinner at ION-GNSS+ 2016 in Portland in September.

The awards recognize significant recent achievement in the fields of position, navigation and timing: satellites, signals, services and products.

Services Award — Android: Raw GNSS Data Available

Presented to: Steve Malkos, Technical Program Manager, Google

For driving Android’s location APIs to enable a new range of applications, bringing raw GNSS measurement capability, including carrier phase to Android location APIs and Android Emergency Location Service, providing Google’s enhanced location for emergency phone calls.

" [...] Taking Android Emergency Service from my 20-percent project in Google to production has been one of my proudest achievements. This life-saving service provides Google’s location data to emergency responders during an emergency phone call."

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