Paris: 17, 112 or 18, a platform now centralizes all emergency calls (FR)

Paris - Emergency call platform centralises calls to the 3 emergency numbers.

Paris, France - The Paris police headquarters inaugurated Tuesday the emergency call platform (plateforme des appels d’urgence, or PFAU) located at the Champerret barracks (17th arrondissement, or district). The goal: "sharing for better saving"!

Calls to the three emergency numbers - 17, 18 and 112 - are now centralised on one platform. This one, located in the basements of the Champerret barracks (17th arrondissement) was inaugurated this Tuesday after several months of trial, by the prefect of police of Paris, Michel Cadot. The aim is to "pool for better saving" by "targeting the emergency more quickly" . And this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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