112 Ambassadors

EENA believes that raising awareness of the European emergency number 112 is of fundamental importance. This is why, people from all over Europe, who are well-known/popular in their home country, or even outside that country, can become 112 Ambassadors.

112 Ambassadors use their talents and high visibility to promote the European emergency number 112 the best possible way he/she sees fit.

We would like to thank all 112 Ambassadors for their major contribution to people's lives, as well as for their support.


Please find below the list with the 112 Ambassadors (country-based alphabetical order):





Nara Noian


Nara Noian is an artist with many talents: she is a singer and an actress but she is as well an author and a composer. Nara is the Belgian singer who performed the 112 Anthem at the European Parliament, Brussels, during the first official European 112 Day on 11th of February 2009. She also composed music and wrote lyrics of the Anthem. Since this very important day for the European emergency number, Nara has contributed to promote 112 in Belgium (interviews by radio and TV). She has also written, composed and then performed the 911 Anthem in Washington DC on the 24th of March 2009 during the 911 Honor Awards Gala.

Regarding to Nara's active contribution to promote the European emergency number, the 112 Foundation decided to make her involvement official: Nara Noian was appointed in September 2009 as Ambassador for 112 in Belgium.

"Life is the most beautiful gift of the universe. Every second counts to save a life, do not hesitate and call 112 in case of accident, fire or aggression. Serving this noble cause through my music and my voice to inform and educate people about this unique and magic number is a great honor for me," stated Nara Noian.




Thierry Neuville

Driver for Hyundai Motorsport in the World Rally Championship
Vice-World Rally Champion in 2013


Thierry is a highly skilled, as well as popular rally driver from Belgium. Since 2014 he is an Ambassador for 112, committed to raising awareness of the common European emergency number 112, in order to contribute to citizens’ safety, security and well-being.

“Largely due to my work, I am fully aware of the importance of security in our lives. An extra minute can be too much for a person in danger and that is why I happily engaged in this cause. Knowledge can save lives and I am proud to be able to play a part in spreading this knowledge.”





Henri Dès


Henri Dès has sung for generations of children, and he still sings everywhere in Europe. All along his amazing career, which has been rewarded many times, he wrote songs that any child could identify to and he has fostered initiatives to improve children’s lives.

We are happy that Henri Dès has become a 112 Ambassador ,committed to spreading the message of the European emergency number 112, a function he instantly embraced with enthusiasm and determination.

Within his new role, he wrote a 112 song to raise awareness on the European Emergency Number 112 and help children, the citizens of tomorrow, from all over Europe remember it.





Monica Anghel

Singer & actress

Monica is one of the best known interpreters of pop music in Romania. She was granted 11 trophies and awards in the occasion of national and international festivals. She represented Romania at the Eurovision music contest. Monica also performs in theatre plays and she is a member of the "Divertis" humorous group. She is often invited to make her appearance at TV and radio shows and she is also appearing in newspapers and magazines.

Monica attended many television and radio shows where she spoke about 112. During  her interviews in different magazines and newspapers, she stressed out the importance of the European emergency number 112.

Together with the music composer Andrei Tudor and the lyrics composer Andreea Andrei, Monica Anghel composed the 112 Romanian anthem which is followed by a videoclip. The song was heard on the public radio  station "Radio Romania" and the national radio station "Europa FM". The official launching of the 112 Romanian anthemn took place in September 2009.

The Special Telecommunications Service (responsible for 112 in Romania) and Monica Anghel continue the education-information campaign  about the utility of 112 and the necessity to use this number correctly. New informing and educating messages for citizens are sent, especially to the young population, through central radio an TV stations.

"It is my honor to be the 112 Ambassador in Romania. This position implies great responsibility, which I assume entirely. I plan to promote this number as efficiently as possible", stated Monica.






Singer, musician, songwriter, & actor

Markoolio is very popular within Swedish children and young people, and was chosen as the front figure to promote 112: he fascinates young people and they don't just listen to his music but also to his messages. Children and young people's campaign has reached almost a million children and young people between 9-16 years old.