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1. What is 112?


112 is the European emergency number in all 28 EU member states, as well as other countries in Europe and elsewhere. People in distress can call 112 24/7 to reach the fire brigade, medical assistance and the police. The European emergency number is free and can be reached by landline phones as well as mobiles.

The increased levels of Europeans traveling from one country to another led to the Council of the European Union introducing a common emergency number in all states in order to avoid the need of remembering different national emergency numbers depending on one's location. The 112 constitutes an easy  number to remember and, to add to this, the only number one needs to know when traveling in the EU, a highly valuable element when considering the state of distress people are in when in need of the emergency services.

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2. why is 112 important?

Having a common European emergency number results to a variety of advantages for European citizens.

More and more Europeans travel within the EU, with levels reaching unprecedented numbers. According to Flash Eurobarometer 368, 16% of the survey's respondents had made a journey in another European country during the previous 12 months, 16% visited another European country between 2-5 times, and 4% did so more than 5 times. The same report notes that 65% of the respondents were  not aware of which number they could call in case of an emergency throughout the EU, while 8% indicated a number other than 112. Moreover, there are significant gaps between states regarding knowledge of 112.

Receiving information related to the tools citizens have at their disposal when in distress, tools like the European emergency number, constitutes their right since proper information can be life-saving in many cases of emergency.



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