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How can accurate emergency location help you?

What can fast and accurate emergency caller location do for Europeans? Here are some stories of how Advanced Mobile Location helped people in need.


Accurate emergency caller location is a right of European citizens!


* Please note that this page is going to be updated on an ongoing basis.



Riding accident in Austria

A woman had a riding accident and fell on the head. As a result, she was not able to think properly and describe her position to the emergency services. Luckily, the phone provided exact GNSS position so she could be rescued.



Hikers unable to describe their exact position

On 3 July, the Public Safety Answering Point of Liège received a call from hikers who could not describe their exact position. One member of the group had fallen and broken his leg and needed emergency assistance. Thanks to the accurate location information provided via AML, the emergency services could easily identify the position of the caller in distress and provide the necessary help to the hikers.



Children unaware of their address

A 112 emergency call was dialled from small town in Estonia. The callers were children who informed the call-taker that the toaster is on fire. They were not aware of their exact address; they knew the street name and flat number but not the house number. The call-taker used the location information she received with  Emergency Location Service and she quickly found the right house. The Estonian 112 service gave a dispatch order to rescue and ambulance units who quickly arrived to the scene and helped the children.

Car accident victms get help

There was a serious car accident on the road in one East-Estonia borough. The car drove off the road and crashed into a tree. The 112 call-centre received an emergency call. The area provided by the Mobile Network Operator had a radius of more than 868 meters. The radius received by the Emergency Location Service was 11 meters. The Estonian 112 could quickly dispatch the police, ambulance and rescuers, who arrived at the scene in 10 minutes. Injured people were hospitalized and their lives were saved.

Collision in rural area

There was a deer-vehicle collision on the road in the rural area with no human casualties. People who were calling 112 couldn’t tell their exact location. The location area provided by the Mobile Network Operator was more than 25 km². With Emergency Location Service, the Estonian 112 service received the location with a radius of 12 m². The information about the accident was forwarded to police and to the environmental inspectorate.



Young child saves his father's life

On 10 January 2017, an emergency call was received by a Public Safety Answering Point in Lithuania. The caller appeared to be an 7-year old boy, who reported he had found his father unconscious or dead. He informed the operator that he didn’t know his address or the telephone number of any of his relatives. Cell-ID location information received by the emergency services had a radius of 14 km. Fortunately the operator received the location via Android Emergency Location, with a radius of 6 metres. The police and ambulance services were dispatched and the emergency responders provided medical care to the man who has now fully recovered.



Police saves a person from suicide in rail tracks

New Zealand police received a call from a person having suicidal thoughts. The only information that the call-taker could get while speaking with the person was that the caller was next to a train station without knowing which one exactly. Thanks to AML, emergency services obtained a very accurate location information (4m. radius) and found that the caller was on the rail tracks. Train control was immediately alerted and police was dispatched on site to save the person.





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