EENA Board of Directors

Meet the EENA Board of Directors

The new EENA Board of Directors was appointed in 2016.

Dr. Demetrios Pyrros
EENA President

Demetris is the Director of Medical Services of the National Centre of Emergency Care (EKAB) in Greece and Past President of the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM). He has been repeatedly honoured by several governments for his medical interventions during disasters, such as in Armenia in 1988, Afghanistan in 1990 & Turkey in 1999.


Dr. Dieter Nuessler
EENA Vice-President

Dieter is the Vice-President of EENA, as well as the Immediate Past President of FEU, the Federation of the European Union Fire Officer Associations. He has recently retired from his position in Aachen, Germany, where he served as Chief Fire Officer of the Fire and Rescue Service for more than 20 years.



Mr. Mladen Vratonjic
EENA Vice-President

Mladen is the Vice-President of EENA as well as the new Chair of TCCA. He worked for the Serbian Ministry of the Interior from 2003 to 2012. As Head of Telecommunications Directorate, he was responsible for all telecommunication systems of the Serbian police and the fire brigade. He is the founder and Chairman of the Western Balkans Telecommunications Committee for improvement of Cross-border cooperation. Lastly, he has been a consultant at Motorola Solutions for nationwide public safety projects.


Mr. Gary Machado
EENA Administrator

Gary is an Administrator of EENA, as well as the Executive Director of the association. He joined EENA in October 2006. He is responsible for the strategic development of the association. Over the years, he led the creation of several successful EENA membership platforms, committees and events. He is also in charge of government affairs and he managed a number of advocacy campaigns in Brussels.


Mr. Jerome Paris
EENA Administrator

Jerome is an Administrator of EENA, as well as the Managing Director of the organisation. He joined EENA in February 2009. As Managing Director, he is responsible for the smooth running of EENA activities. He also leads the development of EENA networks (Corporate members; Public Safety Officials; Researchers; Mobile Network Operators) and supervises all services provided to EENA members. Jérôme is member of the EENA Board of Directors as Treasurer. He is a French national, also fluent in English (the absence of a French accent is not guaranteed). He holds a Master in European Law and Political Sciences as well as a Master in Management of Organisations, both from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University.





Mr. Olivier Paul Morandini
Founder & Immediate Past President

Olivier founded EENA in 1999 when he was first informed about the existence of the European emergency number 112 during a business trip to Canada. For ten years, Olivier successfully campaigned for an efficient 112 service all over Europe on behalf of European citizens. In so doing, he made many personal and professional sacrifices to develop the association. Olivier is also the Immediate Past President of EENA, having served that role from 1999 until 2015.