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Luca is a telecommunications engineer, with experience in Signal Processing, Network simulations, VoIP networking & QA and software development. Currently, he is consolidating his skills in managing national and international governmental projects, dealing with complex solutions integration and control rooms deployment. He developed skills in solutions validation and certification, product demos/trials, technical speeches and other pre-sales activities. In Beta 80 group, he works on projects concerning software development and IT systems integration of control rooms for emergency management & public safety. His duties include the collection of requirements from customers/prospects, technical and economic proposals writing and preparation of answers to tenders. He runs product demos and participates to the R&D activities, as solution designer.

Luca Bergonzi

Bertrand has been engaged in the telecom and wireless industry since the mid-80s and possesses a wide range of experiences, ranging over both technical and business related aspects with manufacturers in various international environments. Among others, he has participated as engineering director in the deployment of several mobile networks (GSM and UMTS) in Europe. Since 2010, he has focused on the public safety sector to evangelize within the EU telecommunication stakeholders about solutions to improve the caller location as well as taking part to the initial discussion and proposal on NG 112, as far as Internet call location is concerned. Recent engagement over the two last years at Deveryware, a French company specialized in real time geolocation services, has been in collecting requirements for the next implementation of the pan European 112 APP. Bertrand holds an MBA from IE Business School, Madrid and a Master’s degree in Telecom architecture from École nationale supérieure des télécommunications, Paris.

Bertrand Casse

Pablo is an expert in software engineering with extensive experience in software development, especially in geographic information systems (GIS) and photogrammetry projects. The last 10 years has been working on developing new products and services in the telecommunications area; this effort has been focused on different branches as location of IP addresses, Smart Systems related to the mobile network and fleet management systems based in M2M networks (IoT). Now he is a Product Manager for Emergency services and is focused on developing and deploying information systems (phone apps, eCall Systems, Call-Taker Systems, etc.) for 112 Emergency number PSAPS. Pablo holds a Master’s Degree in Fundamental Physics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and a postgraduate training in Software Engineering.

Gutierrez Astilleros


David is the Marketing Manager of Creativity Software (CS), a world leader in high accuracy wireless location technology. Responsible for marketing communications and product marketing, he also is a contributor to product R&D for the business. Prior to CS, David  worked in IT and telecoms in various global roles for over 20 years - for manufacturers, software providers and channel partners. CS was established in 2001 and has been at the forefront of deploying location technology for the emergency services globally. CS has been a partner and technology adviser to EENA for the last 6 years, advising on mobile location technology. CS is also a consortium member of the Help 112 project aimed at advancing the deployment of GNSS based solutions such as Advanced Mobile Location (AML).

David Halliwell

Björn is Chief Developer of the 112 Service at SOS Alarm in Sweden. He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Stockholm and has attended the Higher Course in Crisis Management. He started as an emergency operator in SOS Alarm before becoming Floor Manager and later Manager of the 112 services at the SOS Alarm Centre in Stockholm. Björn then became Manager of the Crisis Management services. Since 2010, he works as Chief Developer of the 112 Service. Among others, he has participated in the EU projects MASSCRISCOM, REACH112.

Björn Skoglund

Kaili has been working in the field of internal security since 2006. She started her career at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. Since 2008 she has worked in the Estonian Emergency Response Centre and at the moment she is an Expert at the Development Department. Her area of expertise varies from planning of different development processes to international co-operation. Kaili Tamm has an MA degree in the Hungarian language and literature and an MA degree in internal security.

Kaili Tamm