Social media in emergency management

In a nutshell

Social media have a significant impact on emergency management; recent crises have made that clear. More and more public safety professionals embrace the trend but there is a lot of room for progress.

Knowledge-sharing, best practices and empirical examples can only contribute to the improvement of social media in emergency management, or SMEM.

That's why EENA is happy to announce the launch of a new working group on social media in emergencies!



EENA Working Group on Social Media in Emergency Management

This network of experts will bring together social media teams from emergency services, internet companies, digital volunteers, solution providers and researchers. The aim is for members of the network to share best practices and produce guidelines specifically designed for emergency and crisis response.


Who should join the Working Group

The group is open to both EENA members & non-members. Experts and professionals in the field are invited to join us and help shape the next steps in the fascinating world of social media in emergencies.


Join us

All you need to do is send an email to Cristina Lumbreras at


Technical Director