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The Committee is open to all EENA Advisory Board and 112 ESSN members, and partially open to standardisation experts.


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EENA Technical Committee
Chairs & Vice-Chairs


Wolfgang Kampichler is Principal at Frequentis AG. He received his PhD from the Vienna University of Technology in 2002 and participated in scientific roles in all recent Frequentis activities related to design and development of IP based voice communication systems. Wolfgang contributes to standardization working groups in Public Safety and Air Traffic Management. He is a recognized expert on NG9-1-1/NG112 and speaker at public or customer events addressing topics related to VoIP and Emergency Services with Internet Technology. Wolfgang also chaired and co-chaired the Planning Committee for NENA Industry Collaboration Events. As a member of the EENA network of researchers group he brings in his expertise into the European standardization and system interoperability initiatives in the field of Public Safety. Since 2014, he chairs the EENA NG112 Committee.


Markus is actively working in the ICT industry since 1985. He started his professional career with Deutsche Telekom, studied Communications Engineering at the Technical University of Aachen, with a university degree in 1995. Working as a consultant for Avaya since 2000, he contributed to helping largest global organisations to move from traditional telephone networks to IP-based, multichannel communication platforms. In his role as a Consulting Sales Engineer in Avaya, Markus focuses on the Public Safety Emergency Services sector in the EU, supporting Avaya account teams across the EU region and beyond with his vertical insight and expertise. His regional focus allows him to understand future requirements in the public safety vertical to be picked up and translated into product development requests.



Andrew Hutton is Head of Standardization at Unify and has over 25 years experience within the communications industry. Prior to his current role at Unify, Andy gained many years’ hands on experience relating to the development and deployment of IP based communications products (Endpoints, Gateways and Servers). Andy has been engaged in many projects related to SIP based multi-vendor connectivity and interoperability. An active supporter of open standards based communications. Andy is active in the IETF as well as in other international standards organisations and forums such as the W3C, IMTC and SIP Forum. He currently holds an IETF working group chair position and is a member for the SIP Forum board of directors.


Fidel Liberal currently works as a lecturer and researcher in the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). He received his Ph.D. from the UPV/EHU in 2005. He started his activities in Emergency Network as the European R&D project coordinator in FP7-SEC-GERYON (2012-2014) dealing with public safety interoperability problems.  His research interests include next generation emergency networks and 5G, and he has co-authored more than 70 conference and journal papers. He has founded two start-ups related to computer network security. He also contributes to different standardization bodies including ETSI, 3GPP and ITU-T with a prominent role in plugtests.

Fidel Liberal

Bill is a senior technology executive with over 30 years of strategic product management and consulting experience in the software, telecommunications, and aerospace industries. He is responsible for creating and defining Next Generation (NG) 9-1-1 Integrated Command & Control Solutions for Motorola as part of the company’s Smart Public Safety Systems (SPSS) division.  He has spent several years working with various SDOs like the IETF, ATIS, EENA and NENA helping to develop technical standards for NG public safety systems. Prior to Motorola, Bill was the Vice President of Product Management and Group Director, Public Safety Systems, for RedSky Technologies; and before that  he held senior product management leader positions at various firms. Bill started his career in the aerospace industry with TRW Space & Technology Group working on US federal defense and aerospace projects.



Bill Mertka

James started in the telecommunications industry in 1986 with then Telecom Australia. During his 27 year career James has been involved at the start of many revolutionary changes, including Intelligent Network (IN) services, number portability, cellular wireless, cellular and IP geo-location systems and next generation emergency calling architectures. Since 2002 James has been an active participant in almost all standards bodies looking at next generation emergency calling including: NENA, IETF, NICC, EENA, ATIS and ETSI.  James is currently the co-vice chair of the EENA NG112 committee and an active participant in the ETSI M/493 initiative to ensure location is delivered for all emergency calls made across Europe.
James Winterbottom