TPS eCall: EENA launches Certificate of Quality Standard

TPS eCall: EENA launches Certificate of Quality Standard




EENA is delighted to announce the launch of eCall Third Party Service Providers (TPSP) Certification Programme!






The quality of eCall TPS has been a concern for Emergency Services and Public Authorities. EENA Members have raised the point to EENA and in cooperation with them, the Certification programme was launched.

The unique standard has been developed to improve the provision of eCall TPS. The programme will allow eCall TPSPs to benchmark themselves against a standard specific to their mission, and the Certificate will be awarded to those exemplar providers committed to the highest quality of eCall service.


EENA is encouraging all eCall TPSPs to apply for the Standard!  Take the first step: request your own copy, which is free of charge to receive.


Who is the programme for?

The programme is launched for companies providing Third Party Service eCall.

Why should a company apply?

Are you a company considering to apply? There are many benefits from obtaining the Certificate of Quality Standard, including:

  • Assess the quality of your services: Show to your customers and to public authorities that the eCall services you provide are high quality!
  • Be strategically positioned to set up agreements with Emergency Services Organisations to provide national and international end-to-end services to your customers.
  • Benchmark yourselves against a standard specific to your mission, which was created together with Emergency Services from all over the world.
  • Benefit from added-value advice: Allow the certification to identify things that could improve, and use it to build a future roadmap.


 Show that your services are top quality: Apply for the standard now!



Would you like to know more? Contact Iratxe Gomez Susaeta at

EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, is a Brussels-based NGO set up in 1999 dedicated to promoting high-quality emergency services reached by the number 112 throughout the EU. EENA serves as a discussion platform for emergency services, public authorities, decision makers, researchers, associations and solution providers with a view to improving the emergency response in accordance with citizens' requirements. EENA is also promoting the establishment of an efficient system for alerting citizens about imminent or developing emergencies.

The EENA memberships include more than 1300 emergency services representatives from over 80 countries world-wide, 80 solution providers, 15 international associations/organisations, more than 200 Members of the European Parliament and over 90 researchers.