'PSAPs - Global edition' document is now available!

Understanding PSAPs around the world...

'PSAPs - Global edition' document is now available!





EENA is excited to present to you the first ever edition of the “Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) – Global edition” document!







EENA’s annual publication ‘PSAPs in Europe’ has evolved and now covers countries from around the world. The 2016 edition includes 53 country profiles with detailed descriptions of the functioning of PSAPs and the context in which they operate. Find out more about the technologies used, as well as the status of some of the hottest emergency services topics including eCall, drones, public warning, and much more!


Get updates and a chance to compare national structures: access one of the most comprehensive knowledge sources when it comes to emergency command & control rooms!


We would like to truly thank our members from emergency services and public authorities for making this publication possible with their contributions!

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NB: For optimal quality, we suggest that you download the document on your computer.

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