Public safety industry directory: EENA’s must-have publication now available

EENA is happy to announce the publication of the first edition of “The “who-is-who” handbook in the public safety industry”, a guide to public safety solution providers from around the world.

Have you been looking for a clear, comprehensive and reliable handbook of solution providers in the emergency services field? You can now stop looking: EENA has prepared the must-have directory of public safety industry representatives.

The objective of the publication is to bridge communication between all relevant stakeholders in the emergency services field, and to become the main reference for public safety professionals seeking an overview of solution providers and their products.

With memberships that include more than 1200 representatives from emergency services and public authorities, 70 solution providers and over 90 researchers, covering over 80 countries world-wide, EENA is the perfect platform to bring together stakeholders in the field.

“The ‘who-is-who’ handbook in the public safety industry” will be updated every 6 months.

We would like to thank all industry representatives for providing the contributions to this publication!

* Please note that the publication includes only EENA members.

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NB: Please note that for optimal quality, we advise you to download the document to your device.

EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, is a Brussels-based NGO set up in 1999 dedicated to promoting high-quality emergency services reached by the number 112 throughout the EU. EENA serves as a discussion platform for emergency services, public authorities, decision makers, researchers, associations and solution providers with a view to improving the emergency response in accordance with citizens' requirements. EENA is also promoting the establishment of an efficient system for alerting citizens about imminent or developing emergencies.

The EENA memberships include more than 1300 emergency services representatives from over 80 countries world-wide, 80 solution providers, 15 international associations/organisations, more than 200 Members of the European Parliament and over 90 researchers.