In Estonia, the whole month of February is 112 month. It’s also the country’s 100th years birthday and they organise a campaign to provide a safer environment for children.

In the beginning of February, the Estonian Emergency Response Centre (EERC) asked kindergartens, schools and families to participate in their traditional project in building the emergency number 112 from the snow or on the snow and send the photos about it to the EERC. All photos will be published on EERC’s Facebook timeline. The call-takers will visit kindergartens and talk about 112: how and when to call the emergency number.

Also, there will be regional safety days organised with EERC’s cooperation partners (rescue services, ambulance and police). A media plan including traditional media, local press and social media, as well as different events, will be prepared. One week before the 112 Day, media outlets will be informed about all the events held on 112 Day.

On 9th February, the EERC organised in their building in Tallinn a press conference with the Minister of the Interior and Director General of the EERC as spokespersons. TV, radio and newspapers participated.