I was interested in becoming a call-taker because I always wanted to help people who are injured, but I am afraid of blood and I cannot look at injuries! That is why I like this job, because I am helping victims by sending out help. The greatest motivation in this position is receiving appreciation from the callers. Any feedback encourages me to work even better.

For a call taker, the most useful thing is knowing the exact place of the person who needs help. The most advantageous technology is AML (Advanced Mobile Location) and we’ve been using it in our centre for about 2 years now. It’s a smartphone feature which transmits your location to the 112 call taker. It accurately shows us your location so we can react quickly and send assistance.

I think it’s a really valuable technology, because most people in accidents do not know where they are, and others can’t tell us their location because of the stress. Seeing their whereabouts, we as employees are also less worried, because we know where to send help.

AML technology helps to saves lives. And that’s the most important thing. It allows us to respond quicker to a request for assistance because we only need to check the visible address, instead of having to figure out where the accident is. There should be AML in all countries and I think it is a non-negotiable thing. The more it helps with positioning, the better for both callers and staff.