Belgium becomes the 7th country to deploy AML

Belgian authorities announced the deployment of Advanced Mobile Location (AML) in the country. The roll-out of this technology will improve considerable the accuracy of the location information provided to the emergency services.

AML is now active in the whole territory of Belgium for calls from Android smartphones to both 112 and 101 emergency numbers. However, as Apple has still not implemented AML, the service is not available for iPhone users.

Advanced Mobile Location is active in Belgium since the end of June and has already brought significant help to the emergency services. For instance, on 3 July, the Public Safety Answering Point of Liège received a call from hikers who could not describe their exact position. One member of the group had fallen and broken his leg and needed emergency assistance. Thanks to the accurate location information provided via AML, the emergency services could easily identify the position of the caller in distress and provide the necessary help to the hikers.

EENA would like to congratulate the relevant authorities who took part in the deployment of AML in Belgium, as well as the Android team.

Belgium is the 7th country to deploy AML after the United Kingdom, Estonia, Austria, Lithuania, New Zealand and Iceland. Another 8 countries are expected to deploy this technology in the near future. Read more information about AML here.

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