Communication between Belgian & Lithuanian emergency services helps person in distress

On January 13, at about 09:30 AM, the 112 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in Klaipeda, Lithuania, received a call from a manager of a Lithuanian logistics company.

The caller reported that he was contacted by a truck driver of his company who was experiencing heart problems; he was somewhere in Belgium but could not get out of the truck on his own. The company manager provided the coordinates of the driver, who appeared to be on the A13 highway (Antwerp – Hasselt – Liege) some 24 km away from Antwerp.

The Lithuanian 112 call-taker quickly retrieved the emergency centre contact from the EENA PSAP database and called the Belgian contact point in Brussels. After explaining the situation, the call-taker was put through with the emergency centre in Antwerp. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene and arrived approximately 15 minutes later. The driver in distress was provided with medical help before being hospitalised.

The driver is now well and recovering from the experience.


In a Europe where people travel more and more,
emergency services need to be able to contact each other easily.

The EENA transnational database is a database of long numbers of emergency services. The aim is to faciliate communication between PSAPs: emergency services from one country to be able to retrieve the contact information of the emergency services of another.

Read more: Transnational emergency calls, available HERE.

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