[BREAKING] Vote in support of establishing a public warning system

As part of the EECC telecom legislation package, the European Parliament has just voted the establishment of a compulsory public warning system in each of the EU countries.

The objective of such a system is to provide direct information to a maximum of people present in a danger zone (terrorist attack, natural catastrophe) through their phones by way of a localised SMS or cell broadcast technology, for instance.

Such a warning system should also avoid issues like the ones that happened in France during recent attacks.

It is the first time there is such an advanced Europe-wide legislation in this domain. The vast majority of the political groups in the European Parliament have decided to support this initiative. This topic has been raised by EENA for over 15 years at European and National levels. Latest tragic events in Europe have convinced the Members in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) committee to support EENA’s proposition.


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