Humans Of 112

This 112 Day, we say thank you to all the #HumansOf112 working to keep us safe every day. Read the stories of some of the fantastic people dedicating their live to protecting those of others.

Roundtable on 112 in Slovakia

19th and 20th of November 2009

The EENA is preparing, in cooperation with the Slovak Republic, a Roundtable on the 112 services and their development. This event is planned for the 19th and 20th of November 2009, to be taking place in the city of Zilina. The whole conference is under the patronage of the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Health.

For more information, contact Jérôme PÂRIS at

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European Parliament makes public warning mandatory

14 November 2018, Strasbourg – The European Parliament just voted on a legislation to update the way emergency calls are managed in the European Union (EU). The telecommunications legislation –European Electronic Communications Code, or EECC– is one of the most important for European safety with provisions on public warning, emergency location, accessibility and more.