CEN Workshop 44 – Emergency Services Management (ESM) (11 June 2008 – Deft, Netherlands)

The formation by CEN of CEN BT/WG 161 ‘Protection and Security of the Citizen’, clearly demonstrates the current feeling that standards activity may help reduce risks to European citizens from a range of hazards such as natural disasters and the increasing risk from terrorist attacks.
This requires agreements on the process of Disaster Management and on the interoperability of procedures and technology.
Indeed, troughout Europe, millions of people are working in emergency services, as professionals or volunteers. Most of them operate on the National level or Regional level. However, an increasing number of incidents and disasters occur in the border territory, requiring a close co-operation between the operations of various services in different member states, or indeed within the same Member State.
To improve this service, a Management system approach is very important, since this enables the various services and personnel to co-operate on a common basis within a single master process.

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