Emergency services expertise: What to keep an eye on in 2018

1 February, 2018

Emergency services are under constant change. Emerging trends and technologies, new players in crisis management, and the adoption of new communication channels from citizens have made the sharing of knowledge more needed than ever.

The EENA Operations & Technical Committees have become a key reference in this: tasked with sharing expertise via added-value documents and dedicated webinars, they cover  topics from next generation 112 and eCall, to social media in crises and emergency apps.


We all know it: sharing is caring! That’s why things are getting simpler in 2018: the EENA Operations and Technical Committees are merging into one centralised group: the EENA Tech & Ops Committee!

Are you working in the field of emergency services? Then stay tuned! The EENA Tech & Ops Committee has exciting plans for 2018 including new publications and webinars, all with the aim to share expertise among the public safety community.


But what is a platform without talented people involved? That’s why EENA would like to give a big welcome to the Tech & Ops Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs:


Cristina Lumbreras

Cristina Lumbreras

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