David Ginola at EENA 2017

EENA is delighted to announce that Mr. David Ginola, Ambassador of the first-aid campaign "Adoptons les comportements qui sauvent", and former international football star, is joining us at the EENA Conference 2017 (5-7 April in Budapest, Hungary).

David will discuss the value of first-aid awareness, reducing deaths caused by cardiac arrest and the French campaign "Adoptons les comportements qui sauvent" (#GestesQuiSauvent).

""Download image in HD here.


@112_sos See you soon in Budapest, 5-7 April 2017! Hamarosan találkozunk Budapesten #EENA2017! A bientôt à Budapest, venez nombreux… https://t.co/ZVs6a7C0PA

— David Ginola (@teamginola) March 13, 2017

Some background info:

Are you wondering how David got involved with first-aid? It was actually due to his own experience with the issue.

In 2016, David was participating in a charity football match when he suddenly collapsed. With emergency services at the scene eight minutes after his cardiac arrest, he survived thanks to a witness who performed CPR until an ambulance arrived at the scene; if it wasn’t for this person, he would have died.

Join us to hear more about David’s story, the impact it had on his life and his fight to reduce the number of deaths caused by cardiac arrest, only at #EENA2017!


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