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The EENA Conference , the largest pan-European event on emergency services, brings you every year some of the latest trends and hottest topics in the field.

During the 2017 edition, 3 sessions will be broadcasted live, so make sure to watch and let us know what you think with the #EENA2017 hashtag!


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5-7 April 2017



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Interview with David Ginola

5 April 2017

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In May 2016, David Ginola, former football player (PSG, Newcastle, Tottenham), was participating in a charity football match when he suddenly collapsed. With emergency services at the scene 8 minutes after his cardiac arrest, he survived thanks to a witness who performed CPR; if it wasn’t for this person, he would have been brain dead. Hear more about David’s story, the impact it had on his life and his fight to reduce the number of deaths caused by cardiac arrest.

Use of Social Media in a crisis

5 April 2017

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Informing the public with accurate and timely information following weather, public safety or security events is a challenge authorities are facing today. Merging this challenge with the power of social media is a possible solution that can reach the public en masse. In this session you will hear interesting discussions and opinions from experts in the field.

Drones Pilot Project results

7 April 2017

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In mid-2016, EENA and DJI came together with four emergency services organisations to understand how Drones can actually support the emergency response efforts and how, with real use cases, the technology can be harnessed. Along the way the project discovered some interesting challenges and solutions and in this session you will be presented with some of those key findings.



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Exciting news: David Ginola will join us at #EENA2017 to discuss the #GestesQuiSauvent first-aid campaign & more…

— EENA112 (@112_sos) March 9, 2017

After horror in London @112_sos more important than ever. #GestesQuiSauvent, plus important que jamais. #EENA2017 Budapest, 5-7 April 2017.

— David Ginola (@teamginola) March 23, 2017

Social media & crises: #EENA2017 session w/ confirmed speakers @BenoitR_D5 @Nico_VanderB @plagadec & @jgVisov

— EENA112 (@112_sos) January 19, 2017

Interested in #drones in search & rescue? Then #EENA2017 is the place for you! Check it out: #dronesforgood

— EENA112 (@112_sos) March 8, 2017

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