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It's a bit more than 2 months until  the international emergency services community gathers in Ljubljana for the EENA Conference & Exhibition 2018!

On 25-27 April the Slovenian capital will be buzzing with the latest emergency services trends. Over 700 attendees from more than 50 countries will join #EENA2018 to cover all emergency-services-essentials and debate how authorities can progress to save more lives.

Access to the event is free for EENA Members, public authorities and emergency services.


 So what should you expect from the #EENA2018 programme?


Some EENA 2018 highlights



Drones & emergency services

How are drones changing public safety? Why, where, when and how are rescuers using  them  in emergency operations? #EENA2018 will welcome international experts from public authorities and industry to give you all insights!

"" Advanced Mobile Location

Within 2 years AML transformed the scene of emergency location. And the EENA community was there for it all. Join #EENA2018 and hear about the status, updates, as well as technological improvements that will shape the future of AML.

"" Cybersecurity for emergency organisations

Recent cyberattacks around the world, including to hospitals, made the need for better preparedness clear. #EENA2018 will explore the concept and how emergency response organisations can be better prepared for such incidents.

"" Weather-related emergencies

From fires to hurricanes, Europe and the world have recently seen many weather-related crises unfolding, with devastating impact on societies. #EENA2018 will discuss how public authorities can better predict and manage such situations.

"" Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a disruptive tech transforming our lives. But what is the impact on emergency services? During #EENA2018, AI & machine learning specialists will examine how emergency services can benefit from the rise of AI.

"" Multimedia use in PSAPs

Call takers use more and more tools allowing them to get a lot of details about an emergency they are handling. #EENA2018 will look at interfaces available that enable multimedia usage in a PSAP and that emergency services can benefit from.


Make sure not to miss the go-to-event for professionals from around the world! The entire EENA team is looking forward to welcoming you to beautiful Ljubljana in April 2018!





Avoid bad surprises!

Important: Another large conference is taking place in Ljubljana on the same dates as the EENA Conference 2018. Therefore, we strongly recommend booking your hotel room and flights as early as possible!



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