EENA Committee

The EENA Committee is a working group providing expertise on operational and technical issues related to emergency services. The Committee facilitates knowledge-sharing via the production of added-value documents, and shares expertise via webinars for EENA Members. Committee members are in direct contact via dedicated mailing lists, where key-issues are discussed and debated.

As suggested by its name, the EENA Tech & Ops Committee covers both technical and operational issues related to emergency response. From eCall and apps, and from NG112 to location, the EENA Committee is the place in Europe to find the expertise and knowledge to push forward safety for citizens.

Don’t believe us? The EENA Committee has produced over 80 documents open to everyone, as well as dozens of webinars sharing best practices among the public safety community.

EENA would like to thank all current and past Committee Chairs & Vice-Chairs. Generating these resources would not be possible without them!

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Cristina Lumbreras

Cristina Lumbreras