Exceptional Call Taker Award: Linda Mari Hammersland

Control Room Vest Police District, Norway
For rescue of tourist trapped in glacier

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Jurgen, a tourist from Canada, was trapped 20 metres down a crevasse in the Folgefonna glacier in Norway. He was completely alone and did not know where he was. He only knows the general area—but this is 200 square km area, which is hostile and dangerous. He called emergency services but was gradually losing phone battery and consciousness. The call taker stayed on the phone and was determined to do everything possible to find him. Using rescue helicopters they managed to narrow down the search area by listening over the phone to the sound getting louder. The team fully committed to Jurgen’s rescue and were able to pull him from the crevasse alive.

Call takers and dispatchers play an integral role in the emergency services chain. A surprise award goes to the call taker who did not give up on Jurgen and who went beyond the norm to ensure his safe rescue.

The award was handed by Jurgen Klaus, the tourist rescued from the glacier.