We would like to inform you that EENA is considering having the 112 Awards Ceremony back in 2025, as part of our annual event (9-11 April 2025 in Helsinki). Since 2008, the 112 Awards Ceremony aims at rewarding citizens and public safety organisations that have done a small or big deed to help improve the safety and security of others. We want to acknowledge commitment, selflessness, and community service.
In this context, we encourage you to submit your application(s) using this online form by September 6, 2024.


Please note that the themes presented below are only for inspiration purposes. Depending on the applications that we will receive, we are going to define awards categories.

  • Extraordinary Call taker / Dispatcher: A call taker or dispatcher who has contributed to saving one or several lives by going beyond the expected in their role.
  • Outstanding Rescue: Celebrates a specific rescue operation that demonstrated exceptional skill, bravery, and determination, leading to lives saved or dramatic improvements in safety outcomes.
  • International Cooperation for Rescue: Recognizes remarkable collaborative efforts across borders that have led to successful rescue operations, showcasing the power of global partnership in crisis situations.
  • Outstanding 112 Reform: Honors significant reforms in emergency services that have transformed 112 (and emergency communications in general) operations at regional/national level, improving efficiency and effectiveness in response to emergencies.
  • Emergency Control Room Achievement / Outstanding PSAP upgrade: It may refer to either a remarkable innovation/use of technology or an extraordinary accomplishment. The innovation/ accomplishment should have been implemented by an Emergency Control Room or an administration in the field of emergency services.
  • 112 Change Driver / Lifetime Achievement Award / Leader of the Year: This award celebrates an individual who has made substantial and sustained contributions to the emergency services field, driving change and setting high standards of leadership and innovation.
  • Hero Award / Remarkable Citizen: Acknowledges a citizen (or citizens) who has performed a courageous act or series of acts that significantly contributed to saving lives or improving safety in their community.

Feel free to submit other achievements that do not fit into the above themes.

To know more about our 112 Awards Ceremony and stories rewarded in the past, you may check the 2023 edition.

PROCEDURE Check the guidelines & submit your application using the form before September 6, 2024.
If we decide to have the 112 Awards Ceremony in 2025, the final selection will be made by EENA team and awardees will be notified during Q4 2024.