The European Emergency Number Association (EENA) has submitted its official response to the European Commission’s consultation on the draft White Paper titled “How to Master Europe’s Digital Infrastructure Needs.” EENA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this critical dialogue and emphasises the paramount importance of advanced digital infrastructure in enhancing emergency communications and ensuring the safety and security of citizens across Europe.

EENA’s response highlights several key areas of concern and recommendations. In supporting the transition to 4G and 5G networks, EENA commends the anticipated improvements in emergency communications through faster and more reliable data transmission. However, it stresses the need for robust mechanisms to ensure continuity of access to emergency services, including eCall, during this technological shift.

EENA also outlines important recommendations for the European Commission, such as the importance of considering emergency communications when developing rules in new emerging sectors. EENA also highlights the importance of developing Emergency Services IP networks (ESInets) and stresses on the importance of the cyberprotection of PSAPs.

The ongoing geopolitical context reinforces the urgency for investments in highly performing emergency communications. Effective and secure emergency services are essential for public safety and crisis response. Therefore, EENA calls for the EU to prioritise the development and protection of these systems within its digital infrastructure strategy. EENA’s response to the White Paper can be found here.