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Yesterday France elected Mr Emmanuel Macron as the country’s new President. EENA would like to congratulate him and wish him every success within his new role.

Mr Macron has many challenging tasks to face, public safety being one of them. France can have a great impact both on French citizens but also on Europeans.

The bad news? There’s a lot that needs to be done.

The good news? It’s easy to do them.

Improvement of the 112 service is relatively easy; but we need political will and concrete actions both at the European level, as well as in member states, to improve topics like:

  • Raising awareness of the common European emergency number 112;
  • Improving the accuracy of caller location when a person in distress calls emergency services;
  • Introducing a Europe-wide public warning system to alert the population in case of a threat;
  • Providing people with disabilities access to emergency services that is equal to their peers;
  • And more…

We wish Mr. Macron and his team the best of luck with this important work. EENA is available to help any way we can towards this cause.