The latest edition of the “who is who” handbook in the public safety industry is now available!

What’s the handbook? A unique resource for:

  • Emergency services looking for the best market overview of solution providers
  • Industry representatives looking for partners

In a landscape that is constantly under change, it is important to stay up-to-date. The same applies for the emergency services field, creating a challenge for many public safety professionals. That explains why the “who is who” handbook has already become the main reference point for those of you who want to get a crystal-clear overview of the market.


The “who is who” is a directory of solution providers from the emergency services sector. It provides information about the products and services available in the market, what makes them state-of-the-art and each company’s contact point for readers who would like to know more. In other words? It’s the easiest way to understand the landscape in the public safety industry. And that’s not all: with updates every 6 months, you can be certain you have the latest information in your hands!


For the first time ever, the handbook is listing companies based on their expertise. Looking for specialised consultancies? How about companies working on eCall, GIS or multimedia communications? From cybersecurity experts to CAD providers, browse only what’s interesting to you.

The handbook is free of charge.