It has been 1 year since European emergency services marched to Brussels. Why? To contribute to the improvement of emergency services for all Europeans!

In October 2017, 100 EENA Members worked for 2 days during 12 workshops coming up with recommendations on the future of all emergency response essentials. They then met with the European Parliament to discuss the future of the 112 service. The aim? Help #makeEUsafe.

Following the event, EENA published a report detailing the workshops’ agreed next steps and committed to regular updates on the status of our actions. Today, we are happy to announce the publication of the second update of the report planning the roadmap for European emergency response.

Read the report



  1.     eCall & TPS eCall – Remaining issues
  2.     EENA’s start-up programme & how emergency services can benefit from it
  3.     Deploying AML – Lessons learnt
  4.     NG112 – What can you deploy today?
  5.     Social media in emergency management
  6.     The future of AML
  7.     PEMEA & 112 apps
  8.     Drones for public safety
  9.     Public warning & crisis communications preparedness
  10.     Cybersecurity & public safety
  11.     Virtual Operations Support Teams – VOST
  12.     AED Mapping