Young boy saves father’s life thanks to Advanced Mobile Location & 112 education

Lithuania – On 10 January, an emergency call was received by the Klaipeda Public Safety Answering Point in Lithuania.

The caller appeared to be an 8-year old boy, who reported he had found his father unconscious or dead, probably struck by electricity. He informed the operator that he didn’t know his address or the telephone number of any of his relatives.

With the little boy unaware of his address, Cell-ID location information received by the emergency services had a radius of 14 km. Fortunately, a few seconds after the call was received, the operator received the location via Android Emergency Location (Advanced Mobile Location), with a radius of 6 metres*.

The police and ambulance services were dispatched to the location. The emergency responders provided acute medical care to the man who had likely been struck by an epileptic seizure.

This is yet another example of the importance of 112 education as well as of accurate and timely caller location.

Please note that the article's summary in English has been done by EENA.

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Information on Advanced Mobile Location

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