The EENA Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) group is a new type of EENA membership, with a strong technical focus.

NB: Members belonging to the EENA MNOs group are not part of the EENA Advisory Board.


For example false calls, caller location, accessibility, and so on.

With the view of using this knowledge for the improvement of the functioning of emergency services and the advancement of citizens everywhere in Europe.

Understanding the needs and challenges of all stakeholders in the emergency calling chain will help EENA to find solutions for possible issues in a thorough, comprehensive and timely-efficient manner

EENA believes that the way to improve the quality of emergency response in Europe is to discuss and work collectively with all stakeholders in order to face problems together

Why should you become a member?

Exchange between European MNOs on technical emergency calling issues e.g. false calls, caller location, accessibility

EENA undertakes a strong monitoring role for legislative developments in its area of interest. When legislation is being processed and discussed, EENA makes sure to provide its expertise as to promote citizens’ rights to the highest quality possible.

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