Our mission? To improve the safety and security of the people!

This is how we came to be…

EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, is a non-governmental organisation with the mission to contribute to improving the safety and security of people.

How can citizens get the best help possible if they find themselves in an emergency? This is the question we continuously try to answer.

In 1999, EENA Founder Olivier travelled to Canada where he happened to visit an emergency call centre. Coming back to Europe, he realised there was a much-needed space for a citizen organisation to focus on providing a platform for improving emergency response. This is how EENA was born. Twenty years later, the organisation employs over 10 people who are working with everyone in the sector to do their small part towards that direction.

The EENA members include 1500+ emergency services representatives from over 80 countries world-wide, 100 solution providers, 15 international organisations, 200+ Members of the European Parliament and 100+ researchers. We are proud to be a platform for everyone involved in the public safety community and to provide a space for collaboration and learning.

Would you like to be a part of the EENA community? Reach out to us, we’re always here to listen.


Our vision is that every citizen can access emergency services and receive the appropriate information and care during an emergency or a disaster. To that end, we want to be the organisation in the sector driving change and making an impact. What we do, we do it for the people we serve, and we never forget it. We intend to be a highly effective, efficient and fast-moving organisation, trusted and credible for our actions, intentions and results. We want the people working for and with us to be inspired to drive change, and to effectively do it. We want anyone in this field to know that they can rely on us, we want them to feel they are part of a community that looks forward and gets things done. We don’t settle for anything less than excellence in what we do.


In transparency We advocate transparency, and we put it in practice every day by telling what we do. We have nothing to hide, and we don’t hide anything.  We are registered in the EU transparency register, which we believe should be mandatory.

In integrity We work with ethics above all, we stay true to our vision, we are aware of our responsibilities. We are incorruptible.

In people We believe in being a family-like community of people enthusiastically working together for people.

In change Every problem has a solution, so we think outside the box; we embrace new ways of thinking and working. The only constant is the “change”; maintaining the status quo is going backwards.

In getting things done We tell what we do, and we do what we tell. We provide tangible results and make an impact. If we know we can’t get it done, we don’t do it.


We serve as a discussion platform for everyone in the emergency services field: public authorities & emergency services, decision makers, researchers, associations and solution providers.


Believing in transparency, we always publish the latest available finances of the organisation for anyone who would like to understand a bit better how we work. Here’s the 2017 budget of EENA:

2017, EENA’s revenues reached 953,490 EUR of which:

  • 31.24% from EENA memberships;
  • 21.06% from EU funded projects;
  • 47.60% from events organised by EENA, as well as special projects;
  • 0.10% from other streams of revenue.

NB: EENA is not structurally funded by the European Commission and private companies cannot take decisions for EENA as they are members of an advisory board.