We believe that emergency apps connecting citizens with the emergency services have to fully work everywhere in the EU. To achieve this, apps should be interconnected in a standardized way.

Meet NG112

World over, emergency services are planning their migration to Next Generation emergency communications. In Europe, NG112 is being implemented in some countries. 112 Apps will be able to connect to the ESinet.


The aim of the PEMEA architecture is to interconnect the different 112 Apps in Europe, and this way allow citizens to use their 112 App of their own region/country when traveling.

PEMEA was born at EENA. We worked on the concept and we contributed to the creation of the standards. EENA promoted the implementation of the PEMEA network through the PEMEA project.

Now, EENA stresses the need for all stakeholders to move a step further and bring PEMEA to life. In order to adopt, operate and extend the PEMEA emergency network, private companies have created the PEMEA Consortium. While EENA considers that it is not its role to be part of it, we welcome this initiative. 

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