Are you or your organisation developing a product and seeking to get feedback from emergency call centres on the usefulness of your product?

In many instances, companies have released products providing access to emergency services (for instance: connected objects or sensors which can alert automatically the emergency services), while emergency services have often not been informed of such products and were therefore not ready to handle these new types of alerts. This issue led to the publication of a position paper on the matter in December 2019.

The programme presented in this page intends to offer a platform where developers can present their product and get feedback from emergency services on their new solutions.

What does it consist of?

This document sets out the basic requirements from emergency services that all new product should meet.

If the requirements are met, solution providers should follow the following procedure:

  1. Once you have a new solution which involves communicating with emergency services, you should fill in the form below. The form includes a self-assessment of the criteria established by emergency services and detailed above. Once you have satisfied all of the criteria on the assessment, you should submit the form to EENA.
  2. EENA will receive all the forms and ensure that the criteria are met.
  3. EENA will then notify a group of experts representing emergency services from different European countries about the new solution. The relevant experts will be put in contact with the company/individual. This process will allow for dialogue between the two parties – emergency services and technology providers – in order to ensure that once the solution is launched, its communications can be successfully handled by the emergency services.

who can participate?

Any tech company seeking feedback on whether their new products will meet the needs and requirements of emergency services before they are launched in European countries.

Before filling in the feedback form, the organisation shall make sure that the new product meets all the requirements and conditions listed in the document above.

To get started with the feedback programme, you can fill in the form available through the button below.

Once the form is submitted, EENA will contact you to follow up on your submission.