Petros Kremonas

Media & Communications Manager

Petros joined EENA in 2014 as an intern and he is now EENA’s Media & Communications Manager. He is responsible for internal and external, online & offline communications from A to Z: strategy planning, execution and evaluation. He is also responsible for EENA’s press activities, maintaining the organisation’s relationship with press contacts and working with journalists on items relevant to EENA’s work. Petros oversees the management of digital media, online tools and platforms, drafting and production of publications, reports and newsletters. He comes from the sunny island of Corfu, Greece. He speaks English and French while, often, he pretends to be able to speak in Spanish. He has a Bachelor in International and European Studies from the University of Macedonia in Greece and a Master’s degree in European Studies: Transnational & Global Perspectives on History, Diversity and Culture from KU Leuven, Belgium.