Publication: The Role of Geographic Information Systems in Next Generation 112

Moving from current state 112 to future state NG112


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been widely adopted in emergency services over the past two decades. With Next Generation 112 (NG112), more and more communication services will come with attached location information. How will the process of using GIS change?

Today, precise caller locations are still often derived manually or from network-provided location, along with information from the caller. In the future, the key difference to emergency call handling will be seen in the availability of location information immediately attached to the incoming emergency call.

This document summarises the current state of GIS before looking into its future state with NG112. It highlights how GIS and NG112 could potentially change procedures and roles in the emergency response process.

EENA would like to thank the authors of this document Markus Bornheim (Avaya, Germany) and Luca Bergonzi (Beta80, Italy), as well as EENA Technical Director Cristina Lumbreras.


Cristina Lumbreras

Cristina Lumbreras

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