Modern public warning system is introduced in Sweden

On 1 July 2017, Sweden introduced VMA, a public warning mechanism that uses SMS to alert the population in case of an emergency.


How does it work?

SOS Alarm, the organisation handling 112 calls, will be able to send an SMS directly to the mobile phone of users who are in an affected area. Until now, users could get an SMS message only if they had already registered to the service and the emergency corresponded geographically to a registered address (for instance their home).

A multi-channel public warning system

Sweden introduced the SMS alert in addition to other channels of public warning, such as TV, radio and sirens.


What's next?

Sweden joins Belgium in having recently launched a modern multi-channel public warning system to serve their citizens better in case of a crisis.

We ask all European countries to follow this example and provide the highest quality of public warning to their citizens. We also call on the European insitutions to facilitate this process for the benefit of all Europeans.

More information

For more information in Swedish, please click here.

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