The attacks in Paris highlight "the obsolescence of 17" (FR)

It is 7:35 p.m., Friday, 13 November. Christophe is at the terrace of Cella restaurant, where a black Polo registered in Belgium parks in front of him. The man observe its two occupants, who pat on their smartphones.

At 9:40 p.m., after learning of the attacks at the Stade de France, Christophe wants to alert the police about these individuals who had seemed suspicious. He calls the 17 "at least 80 times." Calls remain unanswered … The Bataclan is 300 meters away. Less than ten minutes later, the Polo men burst into the auditorium and opened fire on the crowd, killing at least 89 people.

This testimony relayed by "Le Figaro" took "guts" Nicolas Poirier, law consultant. From Montreal, he denounced "the obsolescence of 17" and calls "Bernard Cazeneuve to finally take up the issue".

"The solution is simple: create an application that allows to pass information to emergency services quickly and quietly. There is nothing complicated technically, but it lacks political will. I count on the Interior Ministry to give impetus, "he pleads to" Obs".

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