Turkey to deploy eCall

By the end of 2017, Turkey will join the large number of countries that support eCall,  a service designed to provide quick emergency response in case of a road accident. The Ministry of Interior in Ankara has taken the decision to make eCall part of Turkey’s country-wide 112 platform and is currently following a plan to deploy it, as the first phase of implementation is expected to take place until end of December 2017.

eCall is an emergency call service that can be generated either manually by vehicle passengers or automatically via activation of in-vehicle sensors when a serious road accident occurs, even if the passenger is unable to speak. The eCall service is to be operational in the EU from 31 March 2018, under EU legislation. Indicatively, the introduction of this service is expected to save thousands of lives each year and to mitigate the severity of tens of thousands of injuries.



Markus Bornheim, Vice-Chair of EENA’s Technical Committee with Resit Gürbüz, Branch Manager of the Next Generation 112 Project at Turkish Republic in the Ministry of Interior


You can learn everything you need to know about eCall here.

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