Training of Call-takers and Dispatchers

EENA Webinar – 2 May, 15h (Brussels time, CEST)

112 call-takers and dispatchers play an essential role in the emergency services chain. Ensuring consistent, high-quality training is both challenging and lifesaving. Learn how different European countries tackle this in EENA’s upcoming webinar.

Facing a variety of challenges, emergency response requires adaptation and evolution. There is a continuous demand for change and improvements. So as new solutions are implemented, there is also a need to re-evaluate training methods. Join us to find out best practices and discuss key issues and solutions in call-taker training.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • What issues are faced when training call takers?
  • What key areas and competencies need to be focused on?
  • How are call takers trained in different European countries?
  • How can continuous training be integrated?
  • When technology like AML is implemented, how does this affect training of call takers? When and where is re-training required?
  • Sharing best practices
  • This webinar will prepare you for the upcoming publication of the updated EENA document ‘Training of 112 Call Takers”

include emergency services representatives from Scotland, Catalonia, Finland and Estonia.

After the webinar, you can find the materials and recording here.


Rose Michael

Rose Michael