Public safety industry – directory now available for download

The latest edition of the “The Who-is-Who handbook in the public safety industry” is now available for download!

The public safety market is constantly under change. As a result, staying up-to-date with available technology and innovations becomes a challenge for many public safety professionals. That would largely explain why the handbook has become a valuable tool for emergency services around the world.




What’s the handbook in a nutshell?

A directory of solution providers from the emergency services sector. Find information about the products and services available in the market, learn what makes them state-of-the-art and reach out to each company’s contact to know more. In other words? It’s the easiest way to understand the landscape in the public safety industry. And that’s not all: with updates every 6 months, you can be certain you have the latest information in your hands!

Download the directory if you are looking for:

  • A crystal-clear overview of the public safety market
  • Solution providers that can cater to your needs
  • Partners in the sector
  • The latest solutions available

Please note that the handbook is free of charge.




EENA would like to thank all industry representatives that provided the input that made this publication possible!

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